Facilitating HealthCare for nyc children: EarlyHive

My team and I worked with the early stage startup, EarlyHive to redesign their online platform which connects therapists to disabled children in NYC. The co-founders of EarlyHive were most interested in learning insights about the needs of their users, usability testing the current platform, and streamlining the user flow and onboarding process. The platform hosts two user groups: Providers, who are looking to get matched with cases and Coordinators, who match Providers to children around NYC to begin treatment. 

Business Goal: Enhance user experience of EarlyHive platform to increase user acquisition and retention

Length: 3 weeks

Team: Allison Davies and Darvinder Kochhar

Contribution: Product Manager // Lead Researcher // Wireframing // User Testing

Tools: InVision // Trello // Slack // Sketch // Omnigraffle 



We Used

Usability Heuristic Analysis to uncover usability issues
User Flows to understand the current user journey
User Interviews to dig deeper on user needs
User Testing to see real world usability of current platform


Usability Heuristic Analysis

We started our research by conducting heuristic analysis to determine the usability based on the Nielson-Norman Group Usability Heuristics.


  • Platform does not provide sufficient helper text to help new users navigate necessary tasks

  • Poor error handling/correction when entering information

  • Using Google Maps encourages user recognition over recall therefore smoothens user experience



User Flows

In order to better understand the steps a user must take to accomplish key tasks, we also created user flows for the major tasks on both platforms.


  • Coordinators are still responsible for entering most of the information - doesn't make their job any easier

  • Calls to action are hidden leading to higher chance of error and longer user flows


User Interviews

We conducted ethnographic interviews with three coordinators and three providers to get a better understanding of each person's experience.

Case Search, the process of finding a case and provider to match and Servicing a Case, the ongoing relationship once provider has been matched to case) are the two major interactions on the platform.


User Testing

To better understand how users interacted with the current platform we conducted four user tests. We wanted to see how much of our heuristic analysis and user flow analysis were validated/invalidated by real users.


We user tested the current platform with two coordinators - Maggie and Justin.


  • Add a case

  • Find a provider


  • (2) Want search feature

  • Unclear what information is sent to provider when asking to join


We also user tested the platform with two providers - Leanna and Leslie.


  • Respond to case

  • Enter availability


  • Wants more case information before making decision

  • Needs schedule to be more malleable for easier scheduling



Disabled children in New York City are not receiving the therapeutic services they need because the process of finding a therapist is too cumbersome.




Prioritized Personas



Features + Prioritization

Prototype & Test

After communicating to our stakeholders, we found the most important user group to focus on was the Providers, so we built a prototype around the Provider platform and tested it with users.

Provider Platform Before (left) & After (right)

Provider Schedule Before (left) & After (right)


Provider Onboarding Screen Flow


User Testing with 3 Providers


  • Create an account

  • Enter Availability


  • Unclear about meaning of "Active cases"

  • Unclear about who was doing case approval

  • Desired more flexibility with schedule


Iterated Design


Next Steps

  1. Launch MVP with redesign

  2. Track onboarding flow with Google Analytics

  3. Begin to integrate additional features in future iterations

From the Client:


"Atin was a UX consultant for us over a particularly productive UX revamp of the EarlyHive website. Though our industry is complex, Atin was able to quickly acclimate to various types of users and user needs. He was methodical in his research and quickly set up user interviews and testing. He implemented various UX tools effectively to turn the research into high quality prototypes that were very helpful to us. He communicated frequently and clearly with our team and kept our needs in focus. I believe he will surely have a positive impact on any project he is involved with. He comes highly recommended. "

- Lindsey Winder, CEO EarlyHive