Making style personal: Gilt Groupe

My group and I were tasked with redesigning Gilt's mobile app in order to drive sales and create a community around the platform. Gilt Groupe is flash-sale fashion company in which everyday at 12pm, there are huge sales on design labels. The company started with physical sales in NYC and moved into the digital space at the onset of the eCommerce boom.

Problem Statement: Gilt users need a way to connect to brands and other users.

Business Goal: Drive sales by creating brand loyalty and community around the Gilt mobile app.

Length: 2 weeks

Team: Sally Rowland and Dane Osborn

Contribution: Lead Researcher // Project Manager // Wireframing 

Tools: Google Sheets // Omnigraffle // Sketch // inVision // Keynote



We Used

Screener Surveys to understand larger trends with respect to frequency of online and social shopping
User Interviews to understand experience of online and social shopping for target demographic
Expert Interviews to understand business goals and practices


Screener Surveys

User Interviews


6/8 Felt more comfortable shopping in-person

4/8 Try thing on in-person and buy online

3/8 Check with girlfriend or trusted friend before making purchase decision

3/8 Scan internet for style inspiration in free time

2/8 Influence friends' style






Expert Interviews


1 Target demographic for Gilt: Women (22-38)

2 Cross selling (recommending bundles of clothing)  is hugely successful strategy

3 Social media integration is not fast enough for Gilt flash sale model


1 Bloomingdales is working hard to capture millennial market

2 Social media = voice for retailers

3 Easy user flow is biggest challenge






Persona Prioritization



Feature Prioritization

Feature Prioritization.jpg

Prototype & Test

User Testing

  1. Find items recommended specifically for you
    Testing: Can users find Explore page

  2. Send an item to your friend to see if they approve
    Testing: Is messaging intuitive


4/5 Found "Explore" confusing

3/5 Thought messages icon meant comments

Inconsistent navigation throughout app



Next Steps

  1. Measure effect of  redesign on sales and iterate design as needed

  2. Roll out Stylist profile to enhance community feel of application